Save Posidonia Project



1 beso x 1 causa

“Save Posidonia Project” is a project born from the desire of Consell Insular from the island of Formentera to promote sustainable tourism and launch a plan of action to raise funds that would exclusively go to the conservation of the prairies of Poseidon. These authentic miniature forests contain a large quantity of all classes of species who find its suitable environment perfect for life. The plant of Poseidon is a native specie of the Mediterranean that, while living under the water, is not a seaweed, but a true plant with roots, stalks, and leaves and has the ability to flower. 

The mission, coinciding with the Año Internacional del Turismo Sostenible para el Desarrollo, is to bring awareness about the vital importance of the posidonia in Formentera for current and future generations. And it is with this objective that public institutions and private companies, like Beso Beach, have undertaken action to promote the conservation of a primary species of the ecosystem of the Balearic Islands.  The quality of the waters of Formentera are envied by any tourist destination in the world and we aim to protect these waters for generations to come. 

At Beso Beach we fervently believe in this initiative and it sits at the core of our corporate responsibility program "Two kisses for two causes," where we have firmly proposed to godfather this action. Thus, through the year of 2017 we wanted to foster the sponsorship of each and every of the 76,500 hectares of posidonia that still exist around the island of Formentera. This is a sponsorship that you too support as one of our clients and friends adding to the your table's bill a Euro destined for this project. 

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