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Sensual Music By Alquimistas

Beso Live Sounds presents Alquimistas. A local band who plays with wind instruments and electronic music and makes you intimate with the energy of Beso and all the people around you.

The fusion of eclectic sounds and very harmonic beats with wind instruments is a perfect experience to have a good a time and enjoy the vibes of the jungle side of Tulum beach.

Join the sound and enjoy your dinner.

(DJ. Palomo Feather after Live)

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New Year´s Eve
to Jan 1

New Year´s Eve

Beso Tulum presents New Year's Eve. As a guest, Jordi Ruz, resident DJ at Beso Beach Formentera, we will celebrate life between the jungle and the beach.

#nohayveranosinbeso #besotulum #besobeach #vamosporahiadarnosbesos

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to Dec 14

Beso Tulum Opening Party


There is a paradise between the beach and the jungle: Beso Tulum Presents Jungle Vibes & Betaboom. 
Ready to enjoy, eat, drink, dance and be happy between the beach and the jungle?
Come with us to celebrate that summer never ends, just switch places.
Cause #nohayveranosinbeso
#besobeach #besotulum #vamosporahiadarnosbesoses #tulum

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