The Walk on the Project (WOP)



The lives of Mikel Renteria and Mentxu Mendieta changed the 13th of October 2008 when their middle son, Jon, was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. He was 6 years old and a normal kid. At that time, doctors were certain about his upcoming death, but a bone marrow “in extremis” transplant saved his life. Unfortunately, the disease already had caused severe damages. Whenever you come and have lunch with us, you’ll see in the bill that we’d have already taken the liberty of adding 1,00€ destined to “The Walk on Project” (WOP) Foundation, so we all can support the research of regenerative therapies for these neurodegenerative diseases. If you don’t want this euro added to your bill or if you want to increase your donation, just inform your waiter.

To learn more about the WOP Foundation, click here.