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Industry Mondays | First Edition with Triggerstrøm & Laion

A Play on Industry :: A Creator's Community :: Building our Tulum Tribe :: Beso Tulum Beach Presents Every Monday Industry and Creatives Beach Party All Summer #nohayveranosinbeso

First Edition | Music by Triggerstøm // Laion // 1-7pm (Beso Beach Club on Tulum Beach Road, KM5.5)

TRIGGERSTROØM - Louis C. Oberlander

Between doing a remix with Salt’n Pepa’s original 16-track tapes of ‘Push it’, classical training at a conservatory, playing 5 instruments, founding, releasing records and touring with Indie pop band ‘The Jeremy Days’ in the 80’s, experiencing first hand the birth of acid house, rave and progressive tech no, while living in London and Germany in the 90’s, you could certainly say Triggerstrøm has a wealth of experience.
Ask him why that matters in terms of his work as a DJ and you’ll get an answer like: "Because it helps to understand oneself and, with that, the people you play for - oh, and because it is actually a blast!”
Deftly balancing a challenging, yet highly intuitive eclecticism, his live sets are founded in Progressive House, Nu-Disco, Afrophunk, IDM and Electronica.
“When I go out to dance, I am hungry” he explains, “hungry for love, freedom, movement and inspiration. If the music of that
night feeds some of those cravings and with that those of the audience and listener, I consider it a great night"
His all time fave car that he owned was a white 1979 SAAB 900S and also the same color coded ADIDAS basketball sneakers that matched it.
He fears the depths of the oceans as much as he finds humor in awkward situations due to cultural differences.
The less-is-more approach to food, music, architecture and design turns him on.
Bulgarian-born, raised in Germany. Resident the past 10 years in Los Angeles, via London, NYC and Miami. Played the legendary Golden Pudel in Hamburg and also entertains private events.
Triggerstrøm is currently resident DJ at Bar Stella in Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Strøm = German, ‘current’, as in ‘electricity’ as well as a ‘stream (of water, people, tears)’.
Listen to Triggerstrøm: triggerstroem


Laion busca estimular la consciencia general por medio de la expresión corporal y sonora, crear un nuevo espacio atemporal, una alineación colectiva de energías que graviten en torno a su música. Laion manipula esas energías a través de sonidos tribales, andinos y orientales sin barrera de género musical, para dar paso a una conexión casi mística con sonidos raíces, originarios de los ritmos donde la comunión se daba a partir del fuego y la danza.
Laion viene de la fonética de lion(león en inglés), ésa es la clave, todo es sonido y vibraciones viajando por el aire atravesándolo todo. Animal salvaje, Humano Planetariofluyendo en su libre albedrío, en su danza entorno a ese fuego nuclear que es el universo.
La música como Vehiculo para meditar, como propulsor al mundo de la libertad, de los magos y de los Chamanes modernos. La música como el latido magnético del corazón cristal, en el centro de la tierra.
Las pulsaciones rítmicas incitan una experiencia espiritual, conectan con los pasados ceremoniales, con las danzas fundacionales, con los pilares del amor y la creación de espacios de infinita catarsis.
Todo se interrelaciona. Todo tiene vida. Todo es sagrado. Todo necesita alimentarse. Todo tiene un lenguaje. Todo tiene padre y madre. Todo tiene una razón de ser.

Listen to Laion:

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