Formentera, the aroma of the sea, the green of the Savina forests and the wild bushes. The blinding sun, reflecting on the water, the traces on the sand left as the water disappears and the heat of the sun on the skin. Tanned, a warm body comes out of the water, a refreshing kiss, which becomes sweeter when the bergamot vanishes to reveal its jasmine heart. And it is placed in the shade under the wooden notes of the cedar and the elegance of the musk.


T: hedione, neroli water, Sicilian bergamot, Cascalone

M: Absolute leaf Orange from Tunis, Atlas, Paradisone

B: cedar wood, heliotrope, musk

Perfumer: Olivier Cresp

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A lively departure thanks to the notes of orange and lavender, prompts barefoot walks in the cool sand under the deck of Beso Beach. A meeting of sun and notes gourmands (evokes edible smells) like the toasted sugar spread on the tables, the sandalwood floods the space and the music gives harmony in a moment that you do not want to end.


T: Lavender, Neroli Bigarade, Bergamot from Sicily, Saffron: heliotrope, toasted sugar, cistus

B: Sandal wood from India, Patchouli from Indonesia, infusion of amber

Perfumer: Anick Menardo

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An elegant, strong and charismatic sunset. The most provocative kiss, the notes of violet and cardamom have given way to the night, to the provocation of the Patchouli and to the wildest side of the skin and the sandalwood. A unique personality that unites in a carnal kiss where the darkness and the moon are the only testimonies.


T: violet leaves, caradmomo from Guatemala, green chord

M: violet, concrete from Orris, Cypriol, Pachouli from Indonesia

B: Virginia cedar wood, ambrox, Indian sandalwood, leather

Perfumer: Christophe Raynaud


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