There is no magic recipe, but there are ingredients that never fail


Imagine yourself in a place called paradise, where hearts and friends join to enjoy the essence of the purest flavors, surrounded by an entertaining atmosphere in front of the sunset


At Beso we are proud to be able to offer, from the island of Formentera and the Mexican Caribean, the best of the Mediterranean and Basque gastronomy based on a kitchen with heart, with the best raw materials available, without additives, without extravagant names, and without sweeteners.


At Beso the palate is the protagonist, raw materials in their purest essence and the experience of enjoying the authentic flavor in an environment of unparalleled relaxation

Eating at Beso is an experience that everyone should try.


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Paradise shouldn't just seem like paradise, it should be it. For this reason we are happy to meet you at some of the best locations on the planet, where there is a special charm and unique energy.

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We don't know if it is the light of the sunset or the smell of the sea that inspires our finely selected team to make the impossible possible. At Beso entertainment and discretion reign supreme.



A tribe that pays tribute to the sun and the sea with a rhythm that sets us apart from the rest. At Beso, we expect the unexpected.